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Baltic Amber for your baby, yourself and your pet.

Shop succinic acid: For your baby: amber teething necklaces and bracelets Look at these interesting designs from Amazon. While all these jewelry pieces are made of genuine amber, please remember that some amber is treated to enhance color and transparency.  And… here is something special in amber for your 4-legged family members: Tick & Flea

Tourmaline: The Spiritual and Healing Powers of October Birthstone

Tourmaline is a family of minerals, and its related specimens come in variety of colors and have alternative names. Schorl, elbaite (also a group, consisting of rubillite, indicolite, verdelite, achroite) and dravite are most commonly used in jewelry. Schorl is the most common of all and therefore most affordable in price. Radiant blues and striking neon
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