Month: November 2017

Baltic Amber for your baby, yourself and your pet.

Shop succinic acid: For your baby: amber teething necklaces and bracelets Look at these interesting designs from Amazon. While all these jewelry pieces are made of genuine amber, please remember that some amber is treated to enhance color and transparency.  And… here is something special in amber for your 4-legged family members: Tick & Flea

The Use and Care of Genuine Amber

When our ancestors discovered amber? As a relative soft fossilized resin, which could be easily cut and polished, amber jewelry was valued and loved since ancient times. This warm and glowing organic substance has always attracted people by its beauty, and also by its healing abilities. The oldest amber recovered dates to the Upper Carboniferous

5 Ways to Identify genuine Amber

How to Identify Real Amber from Imitations?   These 5 tests you could run on your own to determine whether an amber specimen is real or fake. Touch temperature test: Both amber and copal are warm to the touch, while glass is cool. If your specimen is warm, it must not be a piece of
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